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Accreditation of representative offices

Accreditation of representative offices and issuing permits for activities on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan is carried out by the State Investment Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan (UZAFI).

Accreditation of foreign companies on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan is regulated by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan «ABOUT APPROVAL OF THE ACCREDITATION PROCEDURE AND ACTIVITY OF REPRESENTATIVE OFFICES OF FOREIGN COMMERCIAL ORGANIZATIONS ON THE TERRITORY OF THE REPUBLIC OF UZBEKISTAN» dated 23.10.2000, №410.


We provide the next services :

1. Preparation of a package of documents and issuance of the necessary samples;

2. Support at the notary office (if needed);

3. Hanging over the complect of documents to UZAFI;

4. Obtaining of invoice in the amount of 1200 USD;

5. Obtaining of accreditation certificate;

6. Submission and obtaining of permission to produce a round stamp of the representative office;

7. Preparation of the necessary documents for the notary office.



The list of documents required for accreditation of a Representative office in Uzbekistan (download here: word.gif in Russianword.gif in English).


2-40.pngThe service price is at 6 000 000 UZS        40_1.png 10 working days from the date of                           

                                                                                           submission of the documents in UZAFI.



Prolongation of the accreditation of a representative office 

Please be aware that documents for prolongation of accreditation of representative office are to be submitted

not later than 1 month prior to its expiring. In case of violation of this term activity of representative office is

considered to be finished after the expiry of its accreditation.

        2-40.pngThe service price is 2 600 000 UZS.         40_1.png  10 working days.


Accounting of representative office of a foreign company in Uzbekistan.

2-40.pngPrice is negotiable on an individual basis.


 Accreditation of foreign staff of representative office
   2-40.png The service price is 850 000 UZS.     40_1.png 10 working days.

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