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Registration of a PE (Private Enterprise)

Private Enterprise (download the law of the Republic of Uzbekistan «ABOUT A PRIVATE ENTERPRISE») is a commercial organization created and managed by the owner - a single individual person. A private enterprise is a legal form of business entities.


The service of the registration of a Private Enterprise in Uzbekistan includes:

1. Consultation;
2. Reservation and obtaining of a company brand name within 2 hours;
3. Development of a package of individual constituent, as well as other related documents;
4. Payment of a state registration fee;
5. Submission the documents to a registering authority;
6. Acquisition of statistical codes;
7. Acquisition of an individual number of a tax payer for an enterprise;
8. Acquisition of a permission to produce a round stamp and a letterhead stamp;
9. Manufacturing of a round stamp and a letterhead stamp;
10. Preparation of documents for the Bank (opening a bank account).
11. Support at the bank (if needed).


To start the process of PE registration in Uzbekistan we need the next:

Step 1: Download and fill in the questionnaire of the client; 

Step 2: Prepare copies of passports of the shareholder; 

Step 3: To call us.


2-40.pngPrice is 820 000 UZS                                 40_1.png 3-5 working days.