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Companies in UK, Canada etc.

United Kingdom ukflagb.gif(UK)


Registration of LTD / LLP / LP companies*


- registration fee
- registered address for a year
- nominal service for a year
- preparation of a package of documents
- power of attorney
- apostille
- stamps (lettering, ink)

includes filling of annual returns and dormant accounts

Prolongation of LTD / LLP / LP companies (in 11 months)


- state fee
- submission of the annual return and dormant accounts reports (if needed)
- prolongation of addresses and nominals (if used)
- issuance of a new power of attorney
- apostille

Certificate of Good Standing

Apostille of document / documents package  

Postage expenses


 SaleStockSlearanceREADY COMPANIES:

(documents are in Tashkent)

 №   Company name
 date of opening
account  cost
 additional information



40_1.png Documents for the new Company will be delivered in 20 - 28 days. 

Documents for the ready Company will be delivered in  - от 15 - 20 days.