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License to employ foreign workers

The process of obtaining/extending a permit (license) for foreign specialists for employment in Uzbekistan is regulated by the Regulation “On the approval of a single regulation on the procedures for individual documents of a permissive nature through a special electronic system"  #№ 86 dated 22 of February 2022

The license is issued by the Agency for External Labor Migration under the Ministry of Employment and labor relations of the Republic of Uzbekistan for a period of employment contract (but not more than 1 year).

State fees are:

1 basic estimated value (300 000 UZS) for reviewing 1 application; 
30 basic estimated values for 1 license (9 000 000 UZS) for specialist.

List of documents required for obtaining a permit for foreign specialist:

1. copy of the passport of a foreign specialist (including a page with an entry visa* and temporary registration);
2. copy of the passport of the Director of Uzbek enterprise;
3. copy of the certificate of registration of Uzbek enterprise;
4. photo of a foreign specialist 1 pc. (3x4); 
5. color scan of the diploma of education.

*a copy of the passport with a visa need to be provided if the citizens of foreign states with which a visa regime has been established. At the same time, it is allowed to accept documents if only the following types of entry visas are available: work visa "E", business visas "B-1" and "B-2", official visa "S-3" or other types of visas provided for compatriots.

Foreign specialists who are owners/shareholders of joint or foreign enterprises operating or being created in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan, for a period of up to three months, have the right to work without this permission. Before the expiration of three months, these specialists are required to issue a labor permit (license).

To extend a previously obtained license, the list of documents is similar, the original of the previously issued permit is attached.


 2-40.png Price for our service: 1 700 000 UZS       40_1.png Time line:  15 business days

Sample of the license for a foreign employee:

лицензия на сотрудника новая 2021

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