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Re-registration of Companies

Our staff will professionally assist in:


1. Change of the membership of participants / founders (cessation of membership / joining to the founders);

2. Change of the name of the Company;

3. Obtaining of the constituent documents in accordance with a new legislation;

4. The increase / decrease of the authorized capital of the Company;

5. Change of corporate activity types;

6. Relocation of the organization (with assistance in the selection of the mailing address);

7. Reorganization in the form of isolation, separation, merger, takeover and transformation;

as well as any other changes ...


Documents and information required for the registration of changes (amendments):

1. Original constituent documents (Charter, Founding Agreement (if any), registration certificate, copy of all previous changes);

2. Bank details of the organization;

3. Copies of passports of the director, chief accountant (in case of second signatory authority), present and future founders;

4. Other documents, depending on the type of re-registration.


2-40.png From 800 000 UZS                                  40_1.png 1-3 days.