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Registration of LLC in Uzbekistan

Nowdays, Limited Liability Company is one of the most common legal forms of performing a business in the Republic of Uzbekistan (read the Law in russian language you can here: Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan on limited liability and additional liability companies) .

LLC is a commercial organization that can be created both by individual, as well as legal persons, both by citizens of Uzbekistan, as well as citizens of other countries for commercialization. 

Founders/shareholders of the LLC are not liable for its obligations and bear the risk of losses related to the company's activities within the value of their shares.

The amount of the authorized capital of LLC is not limited, it can be determined by the founders/shareholders of the LLC, or in accordance with licensing requirements. The size of the authorized capital specified in the constituent documents must be formed within a period which is determined by the constituent documents and which cannot exceed one year from the date of registration. Shares can be formed in the form of cash as well as in the form of property. Number of founders/shareholders can vary from 1 to 50 individuals or/and legal entities.

- the dividends tax for nonresidents (physical persons and legal entity) - 10%.
the dividends tax for residents (physical persons and legal entity) - 5%.

The service includes: 

1. Consultation;
2. Reservation and obtaining of a company brand name at the moment of our service order;
3. Development of a package of individual constituent, as well as other related documents (documents will be in Russian and in Uzbek languages);
4. Translation of documents and notarial assurance of the translation (if there are foreign legal entities);
5. Design development of the preliminary sketch of seals of the LLC for the advance approval;
6. Selection of a special code as the main type of LLC's activity (General State Classification of Economic Activities);
7. Payment of a state registration fee;
8. Submission the documents to a registering authority;
9. Obtaining of GSCEA and TIN for LLC;
10. Obtaining of a permission to produce a LLC's seals and it's manufacturing ;
11. Preparation of documents for the Bank (resolutions / minutes of meeting etc.);
12. CD with templates of the constituent documents, as well as the necessary samples of documents required to start working and with Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Limited Liability and additional Liability Companies in English.


 To start the process of LLC registration in Uzbekistan we need the following:


Step 1: fill the QUESTIONNAIRE OF CLIENT (download here pdf2.gif );

Step 2Prepare:

a) copies of passports of all founders/shareholders and director of LLC;

b) if the founders/shareholders are an uzbek legal entities necessary to provide:
- a copy of the Charter with the previous amendments to the charter, if any;
- a copy of the registration certificate (Guvohnoma);

c) if the founders/shareholders are foreign legal entities need to provide:
1) extract from trade register
2) the power of attorney (POA) on the representative (attorney) in the form of originals, either notarized copies, or legalized (an apostille, consular legalization) depending on their country of incorporation;

Step 3: to call us


2-40.png Price:

If the founders/shareholders part consist of residents of the Republic of Uzbekistan - 824 000 UZS (our service) + 225 230 UZS (government fee)

In the founders/shareholders part consist of foreign legal entities – starting at 1 800 000 UZS (our service) + 225 230 UZS (government fee)

40_1.png Time line:     3-4 working days.

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