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Design and registration of logos / trademarks

Trademarks are the designations that are designed to allow individualization of goods and allowing to distinguish one manufacturer’s goods from the others ones and it is subject to a special registration.

Registration of your trademark (brand name), in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, will provide you with the exclusive right to use it and it prohibits the use by any third party without your permission.

2-40.pngThe price of a logo design (3 options provided, 3 changes allowed) is 1 000 000 UZS.

          The price of a letterhead design together with 3 business cards (3 options provided, 3 changes allowed) is 400 000 UZS.           

 40_1.png Time line: 3-5 working days

Our portfolio:

Logo design for the State Unitary Enterprise
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Logo design for the «Amudarya Avto Gaz» Company
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 Logo design for the «Platinum Futuris» Company
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Logo design for the «Visavis Prime Services» Company
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Logo design for the «White Bird Dol» Company
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 Logo design for the « Jannat Makon Business» Company
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 Logo design for the « Track Line Logistics» Company
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Logo design for the «Spektrocolor» Company
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logotip_2  logotip_1logotip_3


 Stamp design
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BRIGHTFIELD-COMMERCE-2 ugt-logotip_2ugt-logotipugt-logotip_3shtamp-2