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Development of Company's documentation

We will help you to develop all of your company in-house documentation related to different aspects of its activity.

Proper maintenance and preparation of in-house documentation allows the company to successfully and efficiently act. This documentation includes:

- Employment contracts,
- Contracts with company management,
- Labor agreements (contracts),
- In-house agreements (about liability for damages, about the assignment of property for use and so on),
- In-house regulations governing the organization of labor,
- Encouraging and rewarding employees,
- The rules of in-house working regulations,
- Decree about commercial confidentiality,
- Documentation relating to the labor safety,
- In-house accounting,
- Minutes of in-house meetings,
- Job descriptions,
- Commercial contracts of any degree of complexity,
and many other documents.

Development of enterprise documentation requires not only knowledge in several areas of legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, but also an individual approach to each particular enterprise, analysis of its activities, specifics of business of a company. 


2-40.png Price- from 500 000 UZS