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Companies in UK

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Registration of LTD / LLP / LP companies*

including: registration fee; registered address for a year; preparation of a package of documents; power of attorney; apostille; stamp (ink)

includes filling of annual returns and dormant accounts

Prolongation of LTD / LLP / LP companies (in 11 months)

including: state fee; submission of the annual return and dormant accounts reports (if needed); prolongation of addresses and nominals (if used); issuance of a new power of attorney; apostille

Certificate of Good Standing and/or extra apostille of document / documents package documents have to be paid separately

 SaleStockSlearanceREADY COMPANIES (documents are in Tashkent):

 №   Company name  date of opening  type account  cost  additional information

 40_1.png Document's delivery is in 20 - 28 days.